LVFA joins Sectoral Manifesto for EuropeActive’s Horizon 2025

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Sectoral Manifesto for EuropeActive’s Horizon 2025

We, the club operators, suppliers, digital and tech companies, trade associations, trainers and exercise

professionals, educationalists and training providers, sector media and other stakeholders of the entire

ecosystem of the European fitness and physical activity sector, hereby confirm that:

In order to ensure the most positive future for our sector as acknowledged providers of physical

activity supporting social and mental wellbeing development for the citizens of our communities, and

in order to fulfill our potential as a credible solution to multiple public health issues effecting European

citizens, we commit ourselves through:

Our respective organisations to support the representative position of EuropeActive, defined by its

mission, vision and core values, in partnership with its national association partners across Europe, in

promoting the following collective priorities and goals, and to take the necessary action for our sector

in the years to come:


Recognising our sectors historical roots in sport, leisure and recreation we believe that it is our societal

responsibility in the coming years to be providers of physical activity which also supports social and

mental health and wellbeing, and in combatting the pandemic of physical inactivity and other lifestyle

diseases, for which science proves that fitness and exercise is an effective medicine.


The Covid-19 pandemic has shown our entire sector ecosystem that digitalisation and fitness-tech

is existentially important to reach out to fitness consumers of all backgrounds. As a sector we must

hasten the process of digitalisation to better understand and improve service to our consumers, and to

expand our market beyond current perceived physical and social boundaries.


Aiming for a respected position in European society, we must continue to build confidence and trust

with our communities. As Active Citizens we will work to align our businesses and organisations with

specific UN Sustainable Development Goals, including environmental protection and Co2 reductions,

and to have an inclusive approach to all citizens and consumers.


Becoming a mature sector in the eyes of the world around us requires professional identity and

standards for our workforce and facilities. Science and evidence-based standards for both our exercise

professionals and places of business are prerequisites for creating attractive jobs and occupations,

and for gaining trust with our customers and developing collaboration with medical professionals and

healthcare providers.

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