Association members - the basis of success

Members of the association are the key to our success. By confirming our membership in the association, we will provide you with all the benefits available to members, as well as jointly defend the interests of each member of the association. Only by working together, supporting each other, will we be able to promote the development of the fitness and health sector in Latvia.

Association members:

  • Tornado Fitnesa klubs

  • Latvijas Sporta Pedagoģijas akadēmija

  • Rīgas Stradiņa universitātes Sporta un uztura katedra

  • Evolution Fitness Studio

  • Lemon Gym

  • Body Factory

  • Gfitness

  • Baseins RIFS

  • Rīdzene Functional Fitness

  • Solution Gym

  • Mūsu Fitness

  • Gym!

  • Banana Fitness

  • Siguldas Sporta centrs


  • Only Private Gym

  • F1 Sporta klubs

  • FitSpot Gym

  • Squad Hour

  • MyFitness