About us

Our goals

  • Make a significant contribution to public health promotion and prevention.
  • Increasing the number of club-goers and broadening the age structure.
  • Fitness membership fees included in eligible expenses
  • Approving and enforcing professional standards for club operations and improving customer service and promoting fair competition.
  • Training and further training for club management and staff.
  • Build successful cooperation with national and local authorities.
  • Systematically develop the standard for the profession of fitness trainer.
  • Promote tax optimisation (reduce the VAT rate) for health promotion and maintenance services.

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Our vision

To become the leading representative of the Latvian fitness and physical activity industry.

Our Mission

To promote healthy lifestyle and encourage more and more people in Latvia to adopt a physically active lifestyle. To promote the interests of all organisations working to get more people active.

Who are we?

The Association "Latvian Health and Fitness Association" was founded on October 30, 2007, with the aim to unite the leading fitness club as representatives of employers (legal entities), industry specialists - coaches and university teachers to develop the fitness and health industry, as well as promote public physical activity and improve the overall state of public health in Latvia.