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Become member

To become an association member, you need to fill in the application form. The membership shall be decided "LFVVNA Board. The decision of the admission you will be notified in writing. If you are interested and you are considering joining the "LFVVNA", you can write an e-mail or by calling the following telephone number: +371 29478874

The benefits to be gained by becoming a "LFVVNA" member: *You will support a fitness and health sector development in Latvia, *Joining forces will help to raise standards in the fitness field, * The possibility of obtaining aggregate information on developments in fitness and health promotion sector

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Who are we?

Association "Latvijas health and fitness association " was founded in 2007. 30. October, with the aim to combine the leading fitness clubs as an employer (legal entity), industry experts - trainers and academics, to develop fitness and health industry, as well as to promote physical activity in society, and improve overall public health situation in Latvia.

Our Mission

"LVFA 'mission is to promote the protection and promotion of fitness and health sector development, promote the strengthening of public health and prevention in Latvia. We work to support members in their success.

Our Vision

To educate fitness trainers, promote fitness and health promotion in the industry of practical activities in Latvia. "LVFA" wants to become a support and advisory fitness club managers and the public at large.

Our goals
  1. To an increase the number of Club visitors and age structure of an extension, to promote public interest in physical activities, involving national and local institutions.
  2. Combine the leading fitness club as an employer (legal entity), industry experts - trainers and academics, to develop fitness and health industry.
  3. Approval of Professional Standards and the introduction of club operations and customer service quality improvement, as well as the promotion of fair competition.
  4. Club management and staff training and continuing education.
  5. Provide a significant contribution to promoting public health and prevention.
  6. Systematically improve fitness trainer professional standards.
  7. In order to stimulate public participation in physical activities, it is necessary to optimize the taxation system (decrease the VAT rate) in relation to health promotion and maintenance services.